Learn How You Can Earn Up to $1,000 a Day  

Learn How You Can Earn $1,000 a Day

Without Double Booking Clients or Working More Hours

With Blended Blonde Online

Without Double Booking Clients or Working More Hours

By Just Adding this ONE Service

In This Course I'm Going to Show You:

  • Step by Step How to perform a Blended Blonde Service
  • ​Exactly How I Price Blended Blonde in My Own Salon
  • ​The Exact Strategy I use to Strategically Schedule Clients to Consistently Produce $1,000 a Day with this ONE service.
  • ​How You Can Earn Your Investment Back (plus more) in just 1 Blended Blonde Service

Ready to Get Started? Enroll in my Exclusive Online E-Course and Finally Start Offering a Luxury Service at a Luxury Price

Are you inspired, ready to take your career to the next level start charging what you are worth as an artist, and finally start offering a luxury service your dream clients are READY to invest in?

Taking control of your career and changing the way you approach your business no longer takes investing thousands of dollars and traveling to workshops... it just takes following simple steps in a step by step on demand video course 

Nice to Meet You, I'm Maeghen

and 8 years ago I was in a place that I have found most stylist are at in this industry:
  • Burnt Out
  • Tired all of the time
  • Working 10+ hours a day but not making the income I wanted
  • ​Trying to attract my dream clients but continuing to stay stuck in a rut
  • ​Wanting my work to look like the Pinterest photos my clients were bringing in and feeling defeated because it didn't
  • ​Ready to quit this industry and my dreams of building an amazing career

Until I realized that it wasn't my lack of passion and hunger to go from "hair dresser" to "hair artist" that was my problem.

The Problem was I did not have something to offer that my dream clients wanted to invest in that made me stand out from the rest!

I didn't lack drive, I lacked a VEHICLE

I knew there were luxury clients all around me, clients I wanted to build a business with and break that "status quote" of being a "hair dresser from a small town". I knew I had the potential and work ethic to build a real business and career. But most of all I knew I couldn't achieve those dreams with the same old out dated services that I learned in cosmetology school. 

I knew I had to upgrade my services and FINALLY become the luxury hair ARTIST I knew I was.

Fast Forward to Today
 and I now Own One of The Top Salons in North Florida, Specializing Exclusively in Luxury Hair Color With a Dream Clientele that Travels From Around the Country to Sit In My Chair. 
Charging California Prices Right From My Salon in a Small Town In North Florida

And the best part? I'm helping artist change their careers and become "six figure stylists" and create the career they always dreamed of.

So How Did All of This Happen?

I FINALLY learned what nobody told me. If you offer a luxury service, you can build a luxury clientele and charge luxury prices

That Luxury Service was:

And Now for the First Time Ever I Am Offering 
My Signature Blended Blonde Technique That Changed My and Other Artist's lives in an Online E-Course.

So What Is Blended Blonde You May Ask?

Blended Blonde is my SIGNATURE luxury blonding technique that combines multiple services into one to create a perfect, lived in, seamless blended blonde look that your clients are dreaming of.  

Have you ever wondered how to make your client look like they just walked out of a celebrity salon, magazine, or that pinterest photo they showed you of their "dream hair"? Blended Blonde achieves the EXACT look that Hollywood salons have been using for decades and that your client is wanting that you cannot achieve through babylights, highlights, balayage, or foilayage on their own.

My Blended Blonde Signature technique is the exact service that took me from a burnt out hair stylist to having the clientele of my dreams while doubling and tripling my income, the salon of my dreams, and more importantly is helping stylist take the journey from being a "hair dresser" to becoming a HAIR ARTIST and building the career of their dreams!

Real World Blended Blonde Clients

With Blended Blonde Learn How To:
  • Cut Your Hours in Half
  • Explode Your Income
  • Create More Time On Your Books for New Clients
  • ​Attract The Clientele of Your Dreams
  • ​Finally Offer Your Client's a Luxury Service Thats Sets You Apart in Your Market
  • ​Have Your Clients Look Like They Just Stepped Out of Luxury Hollywood Salon

This Is The Exact Service That Doubled and Even Tripled My Income Behind The Chair!

So What Exactly Is Blended Blonde Online?

It is luxury blonding online "On Demand" workshop I created which will cover all of the details on exactly how to create a California BLENDED BLONDE from right where you are, equipping you to charge CALIFORNIA PRICES no matter your demographics or years of experience!

We are in the times now of everything being at the tip of our fingers on social media. It is such a different world than it was even 8 years ago whenever I first started my career. Therefore, we have to change the way we are doing things as professionals. As ARTISTS! We have to take full pride in our work and raise the bar of offering LUXURY color services while WORKING SMARTER, NOT HARDER! I am going to be teaching you simple hair color techniques + services that when combined together will create the perfect seamless, blended blonde that you can customize to each guest!

Here's Everything You Get Inside Of Blended Blonde Online

  • 24/7 All Access to the Blended Blonde Workshop
  • 8 Training Modules that go through step by step How to perform a Blended Blonde Appointment
  • ​2 Additional Training Modules that Breaks Down Exactly How I Charge Blended Blonde and Strategically Schedule My Books
  • ​20 Training videos covering everything from the consultation to foiling techniques
  • ​Lifetime access to Blended Blonde Online
  • ​Access to the Blended Blonde Facebook Community Closed Group
  • ​Downloadable PDF's to ensure you have all the tools you need to perform a Blended Blonde in your own salon or salon suite


Blended Blonde Appointment Checklist 

Never wonder where or how to start a Blended Blonde appointment in your very own salon or salon suite. This checklist goes over all the basics when performing a Blended Blonde!
$197 Value

Blended Blonde Consultation Cheat Sheet 

As you will learn, the first step to a successful Blended Blonde appointment is a successful consultation. Understanding what questions to ask to ensure that all expectations are met is vital to a luxury service. This gives you the tools you'll need right in your hands
$297 value

Blended Blonde Sections Master Guide

Blended Blonde consists of combining multiple services into one to achieve a seamless blend. This guide will break down how to section your client so you can ensure a seamless Blended Blonde look, everytime!
$497 value

$991 In Combined Value!

And If That Wasn't Good Enough,

You are not alone!

The Blended Blonde Facebook Community is a group of likeminded artists growing their careers and businesses by implementing luxury services and cutting edge marketing strategies to elevate their business behind the chair.

The Blended Blonde Facebook Community is a closed Facebook group for Blended Blonde artists from all around the country!

Inside the group we will have weekly trainings, marketing deep dives, Q&A's and A TON of bonus content Exclusive to Blended Blonde Education students!

All Of This and the Blended Blonde Online Course (Normally $995 in person workshop)
 $2,391 combined value 
for Just $297!

Are you inspired, ready to take your career to the next level? 

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